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A Different “Veterans Day”

November 11, 2019

This Veterans Day seems different, as does our universal celebration of Veterans, and not merely those old guys, some 389,00 World War II veteran who are still alive. Our politics is seeing a plenitude of Iraq war vets running for office, even Leftists like Mayor Pete and the two Democrats who knocked off Republican incumbents in Virginia Districts 2 and 7 in 2018, extolled their government service, Elaine Luria a career Navy officer and Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA analyst.

I guess we’ve recovered from our “anti-government” ways during the war in Vietnam!

The motion picture, “Midway,” is a box office hit seventy-seven years after those June events of 1942 when American carriers under Admiral Nimitz destroyed Japanese carriers headed toward Midway Island. I’m a bit surprised by the enthusiasm of American movie goers for a movie about a battle so long ago. Since for at least 45 years American colleges and universities have failed to educate students for their responsibilities as citizens of a self-governing democratic republic.

Maybe that’s getting to Americans today who have been intentionally denied knowledge of their historical past and are mocked when their ignorance is revealed in “Watters’ World”  interviews.

Clearly, Americans are experiencing a rush of patriotic feelings “in their bones.” Actually, this has been around a long time. I was surprised, for example, when on business in Minneapolis I took time off to attend a showing of one of the Batman films at Mall of America. When a character in the film described Batman’s commitment to “truth, justice and the American way” the audience burst into applause!

A residue of common sense resides even today in the lives of citizens of the United States and they seek out opportunities to celebrate their “Americanhood,” their sense of themselves as belonging to a greater enterprise.

Apparently sources of wealth in Communist Party dominated People’s Republic of China also have a sense of patriotic history, as they financed the movie “Midway” when American investments couldn’t be found. The PRC authorities would have authorized that investment because they remember the Japanese invasion of China and have Japan in their long term plans for hegemony in Asia.

The success of the film “Midway” also tells us that executives in the film industry are out of touch with the lives of their fellow citizens, indeed there are signs that senior management in many large corporations are out of touch. Witness the stupidity of executives at Nike, the National Football League and the Bank of America whose CEO appeared on MSNBC last week to announce his bank’s commitment to the “cause” of Environmentalism.

When I use up my supply of Bank of America checks, I’ll close that checking account.


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