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Bye-Bye America

November 15, 2019

For conservative Republicans, Donald Trump’s policies are growing on us. To give form to that feeling, I described the actions of a hypothetical incumbent U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania seeking re-election in 2020.

Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector was challenged by foreign competition. Bob Hill said that corporate executives failed to respond to competition. He pointed to delays in adapting new technologies in steel production and the failure to market American automobiles in Japan. 

Bob made it a point of pride that some of his relatives were mill hands and said he had a plan to displace foreign competition on what he called a “tit for tat” basis. The Japanese were notorious in forcing changes in exported products thus making them more expensive.

“That will stop,” he said.

Bob also said he opposed immigration of Muslims and pointed at the problem in major European cities where non-Muslim dared not go. He told his listeners about the time he was in Hamburg, Germany and missed his stop on the subway. “I was lucky to get out of Hamburg alive,” he said.

 He also took time to show his understanding of changes in European politics by explaining why British nationalists wanted to get out from the open borders imposed on  European Union member nations.

 And when speaking to white working class voters he criticized Barack Obama’s appeal to the EU to admit Turkey as a member.

 That worked, and President 45 invited Senator and Mrs. Hill to an intimate dinner at the White House.

A private dinner at the White House with a typical President seals re-election of incumbents of the President’s Party. But our politics have been disrupted by changes in the character of Americans who are open as never before to radical appeals. This report on recent municipal elections in Seattle is representative. If Seattle were alone, we could ignore this shift to the radical Left, but leaders in the campaign for the Democrat nomination for President are similar to radicals in Seattle.

As a student of past elections, my best guess is that the Presidential election of 2020 will equal the gains by Democrats in the post-Watergate election of 1974. We are likely to enter an era of major turmoil and decline of American life and politics.





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