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A Picture Says it All

November 16, 2019

Protests in Hong Kong against arbitrary rule of the Communist Party that controls the People’s Republic of China are an indication that the Communist Party’s grip on China’s burgeoning youth has ended.

This picture of 11-year old protestors says it all.

Though apparent to us in the West who have our own “youth problem”–largely due to our decision half a century ago to accede to dismantling of “core curricular” requirements that educated college students in their civic responsibilities–the protests of 11-year old Chinese in Hong Kong are equally significant.

This message is lost on 66 year old Xi Jinping, the PRC’s Maoist leader, whose commitment to Communist ideology and total control of China was forged during the Cultural Revolution. He will surely teach these Hong Kong protestors some harsh lessons they will learn in “Reeducation Camps.”

The coming crackdown on Hong Kong protesters will not deter the collapse of Communist Party control; it will only delay it. After the lives of these 11-year old girls have been shattered by harsh prison sentences, they will come out of the camps hardened against their “leaders.” When they are 21 and Xi Jinping is 77,s they will destroy the totalitarians who attempted to destroy them.



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