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President Trump’s Health

November 16, 2019

As a Doctor in Government, anything I say about President Trump’s health should be taken as mere opinion.

However, last week I met with the nurse who monitors my “numbers” and all were good including my Cholesterol and body weight which remains at 190 pounds. My blood sugar level increased, but only bears watching–for now.

Yet, for more than twenty-years I’ve been on very low dose “Statin” medicine for blood pressure. I began that level of medication when my physician asked me to take something called the “Atherton” series of tests that examines the behavior of blood cells.

I did, and my test results indicated that my blood cells were “sticky” and would cohere over time leading to a stroke or heart attack. If you looked at my “numbers” that result from normal tests, and longevity in my family, you would say this fella will live to age 90.

Not so.

I look at President Trump who last week underwent an annual physical and see signs of high blood pressure and suspect that a review of his “numbers” will lead to “concerns.”



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