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Our “Attorney” Problem

November 18, 2019

About twenty-five years after the first stirrings of  the Progressive movement, our Law Schools began to instruct attorneys in a Progressive view of the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution was not a fixed instrument for limited government but a “living” document adjustable to changing times and circumstance.  Just as Progressives came to dominate American higher education so Progressives came to dominate legal education.

Consequently we have a problem with aggressive and very political Attorneys General, Federal District Court Judges, Federal Prosecutors and U.S. Attorneys.

It is best not to fall within the  purview of their jurisdictions as a conservative, or a person of wealth, because you will be singled out for retribution.

Not merely will you have committed a crime, but you will be seen to be representative of all that Progressives detest.

This change in the administration of federal law bears watching closely, but for now the trials and convictions of parents who sought admission of their children to prestige colleges are prime examples.

Two Federal Judges in the United States Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts, Indira Talwani and Nathaniel Gorton, are “hanging judges” meting out extremely harsh sentences to parents who thought they could bribe admission of their children into the “best” colleges and universities.

Judge Talwani’s harsh ruling in the case of Felicty Huffman and Lori Loughlin has been followed by another harsh sentence by Nathaniel  Gorton. Examination of these decisions reveal a very real problem as Progressives dominate every aspect of American life.

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