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A President Compromised

November 21, 2019

As President Trump’s policies toward, and personal relations with, Vladimir Putin became visible, I concluded that Donald Trump had been compromised by Russian security services.

Doing business in Poland immediately after the fall of the Berlin wall through the collapse of the soviet Union in 1991 through 1995, I became aware that the Polish Communist Party used prostitutes to control those they depended upon for acceptance of Party policies.

In that context, that Donald Trump would hold a Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013 was “risky.” Surrounded by beautiful women and delighted to be in their presence, a future President in Moscow was “playing with fire.”

How deeply compromised may have been the President was just an interesting question until I learned that President Trump ignored the long history of Russian assassination of traitors and disputed the charge that Russia had poisoned two Russian defectors–to no less than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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