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  The “Dirty” Trump Organization

November 26, 2019

For the same reasons that Democrat “loyalists” supported a series of very bad Democrat presidents, Republican  “diehards” support President Donald Trump–he is a member of their Party. In the case of Donald Trump–a Republican. But, is he?

On closer inspection, Donald Trump ran in 2016 as the candidate of the Republican Party for the office of President and defeated a string of able and experienced Republican politicians by engaging in what former Speaker Newt Gingrich called a “hostile takeover.”

A master of self-marketing, Donald Trump went on to defeat his badly compromised opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the Electoral College–where it counts.

Only after he assumed office, did we get to know President Trump’s policies that were not in keeping with traditional Republican policy:  his imposition of tariffs and soft policies toward Vladimir Putin’s Russian kleptocracy are troubling. And his self-dealing with Ukraine is similar to the break-in at the Democrat National Committee’s office at the Watergate.

Also troubling is his trust of military officers whom he nominated to civilian posts, as if they bring expertise required in civil agencies that experienced civilians don’t bring.

It became clear to me, however, that the greater problem was President Trump’s family business. I concluded that the Trump Organization–the President’s family business–was “dirty,”  suspected of violating laws against money laundering, suspected of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and committing the usual bribes that are required to conduct Manhattan real estate transactions.

Today, we find an itemization of corrupt dealing by President Trump with President Erdogan of Turkey.


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