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China’s Grim Future

December 8, 2019

On Monday, China said it would sanction U.S.-based nonprofits including the National Endowment for Democracy and Human Rights Watch in retaliation for pro-Hong Kong legislation. The legislation in question became law on November 27, 2019 and calls our attention to reality: the government of the People’s Republic of China is totalitarian and contrary to all that the West values in the administration of the powers of the State.

I predicted that in ten years these protests will reappear on the mainland and bring down the Communist government of the PRC. We know from Chinese history, however, that the alternative to Imperial power in China is not democratic government or the “Republic” envisioned by Sun Yat-sen.

Warlords, probably senior officers in the People’s Liberation Army, will divide the nation into several territories. They in turn will vie with one another for hegemony and engage in civil war.

That’s a dangerous environment in which some in the West will be tempted to intervene.

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