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Republic of China’s Future

December 15, 2019

Richard Nixon gave political “realism” a bad name when in 1972 he visited Mao Tse-tung in Beijing and on this date, December 15, 1978, forty-one years ago, President Jimmy Carter granted diplomatic recognition to the People’s Republic of China.

By that time it was not fashionable to refer to the PRC as “Communist China,” but the PRC had not changed: the PRC was and is a totalitarian regime. A “bit long in the tooth,” perhaps, and using every means of modern technology to control a restive population, the PRC’s totalitarian leaders are facing riots against oppression in Hong Kong and, now, protests in Taiwan.

Aroused by courageous Hong Kong youth, Taiwanese citizens have begun protests against commercial businesses that publicly support the PRC’s “One China” policy.

Taiwanese “Tea Party” supporters of an independent Republic of China don’t stand a chance of success, of course. The Communist government of the PRC will never give up the Republic of China to “the free world.” It holds the future of every citizen on Taiwan to its commitment to subject the break-away government on Taiwan to a future under Communist control.

Only weakness of the PRC to trade relations with the West restrains the PRC’s military from invading Taiwan.

That game has a time limit of about ten years, however.

I predict that, if the resolve by the United States to maintain Taiwan’s free society is undiminished, in ten years, the people of China will throw off the yoke of their Maoist leaders. If America’s resolve is lessened, totalitarian control of China will be heightened and Taiwan invaded.

For now, citizens of the Republic of China may hope to remain a free people, but this game will end in ten years–one way or the other.

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