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Trump’s History of Bad Management

December 17, 2019

If you are ambitious and a citizen of the United States, you might give some thought to a career in politics. Apparently, over more than a quarter century, Donald Trump considered running for the office of President of the United States five times before seeking that office in 2015.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone as ambitious as Donald Trump and you might prepare for the possibility that you’ll run for high office and conduct yourself in a manner that prepares for that  office.

You might read histories of past Presidents, study economics and cultivate persons who are masters of foreign policy, economics, taxation and who share your philosophy of government.

If you had inherited substantial wealth, you might also create a charitable trust and found your own “Think Tank.”  You might also affiliate with a “mainline” church and strive to live a life in keeping with the Ten Commandments.

But, most important, you would study the differences between managing a business and the administration of government.

Donald Trump founded a charity that was forced to close and paid a $2 million fine.  He founded a University but violated regulations and paid a $25 million fine and closed that venture. He built a casino in Atlantic City that might have succeeded, but for bad management practices. Tomorrow President Trump will become the third President of the United States who was Impeached.  That might not have happened but for bad management.

Let’s give President Trump credit for seeking the GOP nomination, defeating Republican politicians who also sought the nomination and his  Democrat opponent.

But, here’s the problem:  President Trump has difficulty reading and is an “ear learner.” What he knows he learned by listening and watching.  All that can be known by serious reading was lost to him and he became focused on a career of an entrepreneur.

Though he succeeded in starting several enterprises and became a master marketer of himself, even the ventures he started that showed signs of success were riddled by bad management–and failed.

It isn’t unusual for entrepreneurs to engage in a series of ventures until they find one that is a “fit” for their level of education, knowledge, interests and skills until the right opportunity appears.

That seems to explain Donald Trump’s career.  Now he must overcome the bad management practices that caused so many of his early enterprises to fail and led to his Impeachment.

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