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Trump 1; Congress 0

January 7, 2020

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) appeared on CNN this morning, Tuesday January 7, to argue that the verdict is out on whether Donald Trump acted lawfully when he ordered the killing of Iranian leader Qassem Suleimani, who was killed in a US drone strike in Iraq on Friday, January 3.  His funeral in the city of Kerman, world famous for the quality of its oriental rugs, led to the death of dozens of Iranians killed in a stampede to participate in Suleimani’s funeral.

As we reported on October 22, the idea that the Congress is coequal to other branches of the national government is a myth.

Whether President Trump committed an act of war in violation of his powers to engage in the defense of the United States is within the power of Congress to decide.  The U.S. House of Representatives has already voted to Impeach President Trump.  That, too, is their prerogative.

The problem with the argument of Democrat Party leaders that President Trump’s killing an Iranian leader exceeded his powers as Chief Executive is whether the American people–who elected current members of Congress–agree.

In my opinion, President Trump can be convicted for his bad management practices, but not for this one act of assassination.

Yes, his military action was avoided  by two of his predecessors, President Bush and President Obama, but they followed a form of foreign policy of the “Internationalist” system that sought to replace balance of powers with international law and organizations. That system too often has been a safe way to “pass the buck” to organizations that do not act in the interest of the United States.

President Trump has claimed that he places “America first,” and those who disagree may run against him in 2020.

There are some weak links in President Trump’s defense–Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)–who are not in agreement with the President on important issues of law and foreign policy.

But the outcome turns on what the American voters think. Frankly, they couldn’t give a damn when military acts are taken in defense of the United States.


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