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Good News “Happens”

January 17, 2020

It gives me great pleasure to report that my most recent book has been accepted by Hamilton Books. Rise and Fall of the American Empire is a synoptic assessment of challenges to our constitutional order that are transforming the American regime from a constitutional regime into an imperial Order.

Rise and Fall of the American Empire is in keeping with traditional “Conservative” assessments of  FDR and his foreign policy mistakes, and, in particular, his colossal misjudgment of Stalin. I’m quite negative, however, on Abraham Lincoln, but that’s well-based in my assessment of the influence of German idealism on the Transcendentalists, and, the scholarship of Walter McDougall and Richard Gamble.

Of course, our current President is at the center of our budding imperial Order, though he is more an accidental person of Celebrity than a perpetrator of Empire.  Still, the GOP will never recover from what Newt Gingrich calls Trump’s “hostile takeover” of the Republican Party. That makes the year 2020 a good time to consider spending much of this year in Europe.

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