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The Coming Multi-party System

January 24, 2020

Our Two-Party system emerged in 1796 when the Federalists were challenged by Democratic-Republicans, which suggested that they were more fully committed to extending the Revolution to ordinary people. John Adams was elected President with 71 electoral votes defeating Thomas Jefferson with 68.

The election of 2016 revealed that “Celebrity” was something to be reckoned with, not longstanding service to party, and the reason is clear: our party system no longer generates leaders.

Challenged by a Celebrity the nomination of a Party-regular as a candidate will lose.

The good aspect of Celebrity is that it is not long lasting.

The election of 2018 which saw the election of more Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives than were elected in 1964, was a clear rebuke of the Celebrity elected in 2016.

That, I believe, is the first sign that the U.S. Senate will change Parties in 2020 and that the Democrat candidate will win. They will do two things:  1) Impeach and Convict President Trump if he is re-elected and 2) abolish the Electoral College.

Our system of limited government will be transformed into a plebiscitary democracy. In future elections we may see the growth of a Social Democrat Party and Libertarian Party and a founding of a National Conservative Party.

Coalitions with these Parties with Democrat and Republican Parties will shape American politics.

At the state level in New York the Conservative Party surpassed the Liberal Party in numbers of votes and elected Conservative Party candidates to the U.S. Senate, James Buckley and Al D’Amato.

During those years, I registered as a Republican, but voted the Conservative Party line in general elections.

Who will lead the Social Democrat Party?

New York Rep.  Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders

Who will lead the National Conservative Party?

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz

The Libertarian Party was formed in 1971 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by David Nolan. As of November 2017, 154 Libertarians held elected offices in 33 states. In the 2016 election,  Gary Johnson was the party’s presidential nominee and William Weld was the Vice President Nominee.

I expect a Women’s Party will be founded by Mika Brzezinski in time to present candidates for election in 2024.



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