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Stupid Liberals

January 26, 2020

Today, Fareed Zakaria, the Omar Sharif, of CNN, interviewed Carrie Lam, the puppet leader of Hong Kong’s government. That interview which treated Lam as another government executive dealing with protests ignored the greater dilemma facing Communist leaders in the People’s Republic of China. Ignored is evidence that protests in Hong Kong are deterred in the PRC’s use of high technology to suppress dissent.

Like the Soviet Union, totalitarian Communism in China is nearing its end and leaders like Carrie Lam or Xi Jinping are likely to be remembered for being hung from a Lampost like Benito Mussolini or by suicide like Adolph Hitler.

All this should trouble us because the Defense Department is pushing to remove restrictions on the PRC technological giant, Huawei, lest that deter long term investment in research by U.S. defense contractors. That action reported above the fold on page one in the Wall Street Journal on January 25 makes sense only as a concession by Donald Trump for a recent trade agreement with the PRC.

When will Liberal Democrats understand the difference between totalitarian and “dictator”?

Only  a rebellion by the long suffering Chinese people can save the West from its own ignorance.

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