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Bolton Violates an Unwritten Rule

January 28, 2020

Politics is a form of warfare that leads to success and failure. When failure occurs, casualties are expected to remain silent, if their loss was the result of failures of your commander. You are expected to be loyal and not write a book telling all. After all, the war continues even though you are no longer in the fight.

One of the ways that “commanders” assure that their casualties do not turn on them is by hiring only those who are loyal to you and understand the rules of political combat.

Many former warriors in the George W. Bush administration appear on MSNBC as critics of the Republican Party and  now  treasonous behavior by Trump appointees is coming to light. Former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has written a book about his service in the Trump Administration.

I knew when Bolton’s name first surfaced that this would not end well and after he was dismissed from his position, I expected worse. There will be more books by insiders, which is very sad. On reflection, the Impeachment of President Trump and the demise of the Republican Party could have been predicted. The bad news is that our enemies in Russia, Iran, North Korea and the People’s Republic of China are aware of this weakness in the American political system.


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