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If Bernie is the candidate

February 2, 2020

If you thought the former President from Arkansas with a “Satyr” complex was “conservative,” as Chris Wallace referred to him on “Fox Sunday,”  you’ll be frightened that the Democrats are likely to choose a supporter of Russian Bolsheviks as their 2020 candidate.

Don’t be!

I attended a rally for Bernie Sanders in Norfolk, Virginia a year and a half ago and found him interesting, but essentially a loser.

Only one black, a female protesting my slipping into line to avoid a long wait, was present in the audience. All the other African Americans were selling Pepsi and popcorn. Young white men–22 to 30–possibly first-time voters, were abundant, dressed like blue-collar workers, not accountants or attorneys. There aren’t enough of “them” to win a Presidential election.

We shouldn’t worry about Bernie, given his recent heart-attack, we should worry more about his running mate. In the long term, worry more about the dissolution of the GOP, assured by Donald Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP, and a similar end of the Democrat Party, if Sanders is nominated.

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