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Politicization of the College of William and Mary

February 12, 2020

This employment notice for a tenure track position in American Politics at the College of William and Mary in Virginia is an example of politicization–better described as “degradation”– of higher education.

“The Department of Government at William & Mary seeks applications for a tenure track position at the Assistant Professor level in American politics with specialty in political behavior. Appointment will begin August 10, 2020. Within political behavior, we are especially interested in candidates with interests in racial or ethnic politics, or the politics of inclusion.”

What exactly are “racial,” “ethnic,” or the “politics of inclusion” except the discrimination of non-minority applicants? These terms are code words for African-American or Hispanic–i.e. racial minority–candidates.

Ordinarily, this type of discrimination violates the law, but when described as “inclusion” the laws are skirted.

How something so blatant as this can occur at a state college in Virginia may be attributed to failed governance of the State Council for Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) which has not experienced a house-cleaning since Governor George Allen left office in 1998.

Even today, sixteen years after I protested the membership on SCHEV of attorneys representing Virginia State Universities, Tom Slater, an attorney with the Richmond law firm of Hunton & Williams, serves on the Council.

SCHEV originated in the attempt by Southern states to block desegregation of public institutions. Today SCHEV protects colleges like William and Mary as it engages in a different form of discrimination.



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