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The Man who Influenced Trump

February 18, 2020

The Right Honorable Enoch Powell, MP is the subject of a new book reviewed in the online journal Law and Liberty, published with the support of Liberty Fund, by Theodore Dalrymple. Dr. Dalrynple is a keen observer of British intellectual life and his review stands in that tradition.

Enoch Powell is of interest to Americans because of the likelihood that President Trump learned of Powell’s antics from retired military who were his instructors when, as a young Cadet, Trump was enrolled in New York Military Academy.

Powell was famous for declaiming the immigration of non-whites into Britain and is believed to have influenced the outcome of the 1970 Parliamentary elections in favor of the Conservative Party. It’s doubtful that President Trump read Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech because Trump’s parents misdiagnosed Trump’s behavior problems.  The young Donald was a bully and a “bad-ass” because his dyslexia made reading difficult. Too bad his parents were not more knowledgeable about this disorder, though because of it and the inheritance of several hundred million dollars Trump had the leisure to seek election to the Office of President.

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