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Let’s Play “Hardball”

February 24, 2020

Ideologues tend to be touchy, whether of the Left, like supporters of Bernie Sanders, or of the confused “Right-wing” of the general population that believe in their Savior, Donald Trump.

Both play hardball with critics, but today their object of derision is former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil’s assistant, Chris Matthews.

Matthews whose program on MSNBC abuts the more popular show put on nightly by Rachel Maddow is in deep doo doo for suggesting that if Bernie Sanders is the Democrat nominee for President that is analogous  to the fall of France to Nazi troops in 1940.

Chris Matthews has gone through life in the belief that he and fellow Democrats since FDR through JFK fought on the side of the angels. Until now, that is.

But for the serious intent to destroy Matthews’ career as a well-paid Liberal talking head, this controversy is quite humorous.

When working on Capitol Hill, I would attend Mass at a nearby Catholic church and one evening found myself offering my hand “as a sign of peace” to Tip O’Neil who was standing behind me in the crowded church.  As a political conservative who fought for Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, I knew God was on my side, so what was Tip doing there?

Poor Chris Matthews’ political church has been invaded by a Marxist radical who went to the Soviet Union to be married! That will be the end of influence of Liberal Democrats just as Donald Trump is ending limited government for Republicans.  For Liberal Democrats like Chris and political conservatives like me, our divided parties just aren’t as much fun as they used to be.




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