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ABC News’ Bad Journalism

February 29, 2020

Leftist political bias jeopardizes the integrity of news reporting when the views of journalists determine what news stories are reported, who is featured, what is said and a story’s outcomes.

Part of the problem of biased “journalism” is related to what courses journalists study in college and what political experience shaped them. As we pointed out on December 15 of last year. traditional journalism studies have been absorbed into Departments of Communication.  That tends to emphasize conclusions before their causes are examined.

Reporters old enough to remember the demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, or have lived through the “Great Society” era, were impacted by federal government programs to “cure” poverty.  Those programs displaced private initiatives and enterprise and adversely affected some State governments. That is the thrust of Amity Shlaes’ new book titled “Great Society” that I reviewed on February 27.  That era has a firm basis in socialism that we see in Sen. Bernie Sanders and in a release of a new video released by Project Veritas.

The Washington Post reported on February 26,  In the Project Veritas video of ABC News reporter David Wright, “taken while Wright covered the New Hampshire primary, a voice asks the reporter if he considers himself  “a Democratic socialist,” and Wright seems to reply, “more than that, I consider myself a socialist.”  This admission infers that David Wright’s political bias colors his reporting, and caused him to be disciplined by ABC. What form of “discipline” was meted out to David Wright remains to be seen. Given the prevalent bias in cable news reports, Wright will be admonished for being stupid.



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