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Natural Disasters and Politicians

March 2, 2020

George W. Bush’s presidency was not jeopardized by his impetuous invasion of Iraq so much as his apparent lack of concern for Americans impacted by Hurricane Katrina.  Even critics of “W” have to ask why blame Bush? The hurricane was a natural disaster and better advance preparations should have been instituted years before by the State of Louisiana.

The memory of the effect of that disaster on the George W. Bush presidency was recalled by President Trump who has scrambled to market the right response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Saturday and Sunday he dispatched Vice President Pence to lie about his excellent first response to this natural disaster.

What is it about this President that he demands complete obedience from his appointees and–in the case of Pence–his running mate?

Some very deep insecurity and fear that those around him know something about him that he doesn’t want others to know such as his impaired reading ability or his actual net worth causes him to demand fulsome praise.

Vice President Pence spent two  days pitching the falsehood that the President’s immediate response to this pandemic was perceptive and decisive. That alone will kill any chances that Pence can succeed Donald Trump. “Have you no decency” is a phrase that comes to mind.  After all Pence is a constitutional officer and not a hired hand.

It’s all very embarrassing and potentially fatal.

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