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Hardball no More

March 4, 2020

Phil Griffin gave the news to Chris Matthews–you’re out!  Matthews had lived beyond his time, evident by flirting with a woman on MSNBC. Gee, he didn’t fondle her or ask her to his room on the set. He remarked in a way quite common before such comments were career killers.

MSNBC, of course, is alien country to normal people who love their country, say no to calls for reparations, and think we have foreign enemies and ought to prepare, just in case.

MSNBC is very much like colleges and universities in the United States–hostile places for political conservatives and classical liberals. The difference is that our universities have been hostile since about 1910 when Progressives organized and took control of law schools and Liberal Arts colleges.

MSNBC was begun in 1996.

Of course there was no Internet in 1910, but the spirit to destroy traditional order was regnant as it is today in our digital era.

Like Chris Matthews who will retire to his study and write books, political dissidents will express themselves in writing for a diminishing population of “readers.”  Along with newspapers and books written with serious intent, Matthews will be celebrated by the occasional passersby who see him on Connecticut Avenue or the airports he’ll use in transit to colleges and universities where the occasional Journalism Department is interested in what he thinks.

It’s time to say Bye-Bye to Chris with a song by Ann-Margaret.

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