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“Progressive” Domination of Higher ED

March 5, 2020

Today’s commentary from PJ Media Associate Editor Stephen Kruiser addresses the probelm of Leftist domination of higher education. If you’ve never heard of PJ Media, Watch this C-SPAN interview in April 2018 in which Roger L. Simon explains why he co-founded PJ Media.

“Don’t Let the Hippies Shower” by Stephen Kruiser

We’re going to lead off today with a topic that is sadly evergreen and that needs to be written and talked about until it no longer is. Higher education in America is a pathetic, roiling cesspool of leftist lunacy that works feverishly to mint new socialists/communists/whatever every day right under our noses.

We are now seeing disturbing manifestations of the success of this indoctrination mill, from the fact that socialism has gone fairly — if not quite completely — mainstream, to the overwhelming intolerance exhibited towards conservative students and speakers on American college campuses.

My friend and colleague Jeff Reynolds wrote yesterday about a study that came out a couple of weeks ago which I had wanted to get to then but was probably distracted by the fact that my liver was in training for CPAC.

The study found that conservative students on college campuses tend to self-censor their political opinions out of fear of backlash from their increasingly unhinged leftist peers. It also absolved the professors of any blame, which I find odd, but this research was limited to one campus, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’m sure if it were expanded to include, say, any school in the University of California system the researchers would find plenty of overtly leftist professors being rather hostile to any conservative opinion.

Jeff did provide a plausible — and disturbing — explanation for why this study’s conclusion about the professors may be correct:

It used to be that conservative college students feared negative backlash from their more liberal professors in the form of bad grades and leftward-leaning curriculum. Anymore, students come to college already conditioned to censor their own less-woke worldviews. This indicates that the problem could go much deeper, as secular humanists and social Marxists — after their own collegiate conditioning — have taken over the curriculum in high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools. There’s a reason intersectionalism is ascendant as an ideology.


This is a subject that I have been all over for a while. In 2013 I wrote a short book (I revised and updated it in 2018) titled Don’t Let the Hippies Shower, which was based on a few bits from my live show. Yes, it’s a humorous look at the subject, but a valid and serious one at the same time.

In the book, I examine how the radicals from the 1960s quickly mobilized to take over public education and academia in the United States.

As Jeff wrote, the indoctrination runs deep in public education. I would posit that it even goes beyond elementary school. Democrats are forever hawking the idea of “universal pre-K,” which is sold under the guise of helping working parents.

They also keep selling the notion that our children desperately need to get into the hands of educators as early as possible to have a shot at succeeding in school. They have studies, of course, but studies can be easily loaded with confirmation bias based on where all the grant money is (see: climate change).

The reality is that many of the people in the generation that got us to the moon didn’t even go to kindergarten.

The sooner that the leftists can get their commie little paws on your children the easier it is for them to begin the indoctrination process.

Back to the colleges now.

The leftist takeover of higher education has perverted free thinking, free speech, and abandoned any semblance of due process while ruining the lives of young college males to carry out Third Wave Feminist agendas.

That’s on the professors. The current environment was created by an academic class that’s grown fat, rich and free all the while demonizing the very economic system and country that has allowed them to do so. They spawn people like Elizabeth Warren, a pathological liar who vilifies wealthy people whilst sitting on top of a $12 million net worth.

Are we getting the sense that I don’t like these people yet?

A conservative student should be allowed to speak his or her mind in a college class room without fear of reprisal.

Conservative speakers should be able to speak on college campuses without needing to have extra security because hundreds of bedwetting crybabies have been whipped into a protesting frenzy after years of conditioning from the leftist agenda-spewing teachers who molded their minds.

They’ve had a half of a century to make things this way, so there will be no easy fix. I was being my usual dark, sarcastic self when I wrote today’s headline about burning it all down but, ya know, I may be onto something there.


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