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Moi ou Vous

March 6, 2020

Elizabeth Warren’s announcement that she is withdrawing from the race for the Democrat Party’s nomination for President was surprising.  Apparently Warren’s effort was to assure that the first woman would be elected to that high office. In other words all those policies she advocated were smoke screens hiding her true intent.

Where does this emphasis on gender come from but in substantial will to power. There are more females than males and if organized into a voting “bloc” the person they listen to has real power.

No, there is more “moi” than “vous” in Dr. Warren’s latest posture.

As a member of an important New Class, she seeks power for herself.  Of this New Class, Irving Kristol wrote: “Though they continue to speak the language of Progressive reform, in actuality they are acting upon a hidden agenda: to propel the nation . . . toward an economic system so stringently regulated in detail as to fulfill many of the traditional anti-capitalist aspirations of the Left.”

Apply that description to Elizabeth Warren and you realize how deep is a lust for power rooted in personal hardship and a willingness to use every angle to get ahead, from claiming native American heritage to claiming she is working for all women.

Frankly, if you believe that you deserve loss of our country to a radicalized Progressive–male of female.


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