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After Trump: Death of the Republic

March 17, 2020

Nothing contributes to growth of government more than wars, and pandemics.

The growth of the State may be seen in the Administration of President Donald Trump whose sole purpose is to market his persona and to leave the administration of government to wealthy and career military appointees.

Only a few days ago did I realize that President Trump has placed a flag officer at the controls of HHS.  Adm. Brett GiroirI leads the government’s response to Covid-19.

I don’t care if Adm. Giroir is qualified, his presence in a civilian agency violates a principle of civilian rule. Unfortunately, our President is ignorant of these matters and thus places the long term future of our Constitutional order at risk to military intervention.

Peter Wehner’s essay in the Atlantic for March 12 titled “The Trump Presidency is Over” makes a good case for removal of President Trump, to which the President would respond (if he could read) “Over my dead body.” President Trump should read Jim Whalen’s “Allende: Death of a Marxist Regime.” That’s the likely future of the United States after President Trump.


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