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A National Conservative Party

March 19, 2020

Today’s lead article in the Washington Post for March 18  gives a pretty good summary of the change of heart among Republican leaders toward deficit spending.

This summary, titled “Trump’s $1 trillion stimulus is a gamble for reelection — and a sea change for Republicans once opposed to bailoutsis so “right on target” that I had to go back and see who wrote it.

Robert Costa, a former writer for National Review is co-author. Costa joined the Leftist Washington post in 2014, and is host at the PBS” Washington Week” television program. I’ve liked Costa’s reporting, maybe because of his service at National Review or that he is a University of Notre Dame grad.

But, also, I’m curious about his choice of “journalism” as a profession. Is it because there was no future for a conservative in Academe? He has done so well as a journalist that it is hard to understand his success.

But, mistakes happen, and we should be thankful for small favors.

Who but a former writer for National Review working for the Leftist Washington Post would ask Supply-side economist Art Laffer for his opinion?

Costa reports as follows:

“I’m very worried that this government — or any government — in a panic does stupid things,” Laffer said. “They need to breathe into a brown paper bag a bit, think it through clearly. This is no time to abandon the free market with government interference.”


That’s a breath of fresh air when even U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) goes along with Trump’s trillion dollar bailout saying that the pandemic is an act of God. Toomey, elected in 2010 in a wave election that seated Toomey and other “Tea Party” candidates for high office, is quoted as saying “It’s a different thing when a lethal pathogen affects large numbers of Americans.”

Personally, I don’t think we should blame God for our interference in the American economy.

I’m with Art Laffer and worry that “after Trump” we’ll see a more dominant “Deep State” and a terribly weakened private sector. The American constitutional order has been replaced by an American Empire.

If you’re a U.S. Senator and can’t see that, you should visit your ophthalmologist.

When local government in Norfolk placed cameras at an intersection where congestion and speeding cars cause serious accidents, promoters of this form of state scrutiny said that camera would save lives.

At what cost to personal freedom, I asked.

If you don’t believe me, check it out at my blog.

After Trump, the Republican Party–or what it once stood for– is on its way out of power.

It’s now time for a National Conservative Party.


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