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Our Future as Americans

March 19, 2020

Bill Buckley and Russell Kirk were leaders in a “movement” away from the politics of the New Deal. There have been dozens of intellectuals that followed them, but few informed conservatives sought high office.

Ronald Reagan was an exception.

Not only was he informed, but he entered the political arena and persisted until he won, first the Governorship of California and then the Office of President.

Looking ahead beyond the Trump Administration, it’s hard to see any light in terms of a conservative successor to President Trump or to a future for the Republican Party.

Still, we look for Trump’s successor and find few likely candidates.

Vice President Pence is tarnished forever, if he remains in office and is seen as Trump’s enabler.

Ted Cruz is a conservative favorite, and he won reelection from Texas.

But Sen. Cruz is handicapped by his history as son of an oddball, Protestant street corner preacher and cannot claim Hispanic ethnicity even though his ancestry is Cuban.

To be honest, our ranks are depleted of anyone with even a remote claim to leadership, and that persuades me that we’ll see a deepening of the Deep State over the next ten to twenty years.

Eventually our federal government will be unable to honor all the claims to federal monies with which it will be burdened and we’ll suffer revolution, civil war and military intervention.

That parallels the history of Spain of the 1930’s and why I recall that history in a recent essay published in Modern Age.


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