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Death of 1,000 colleges

March 20, 2020

A book that I published in 2017, predicts what I called The Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher Education. I was writing from the perspective of several battles from 2000 to 2016 with regulations that attempted to block use of the Internet to offer a college education at low cost.

Though I sought the highest form of academic “accreditation” for my solely Internet-based degree programs, that avenue toward acceptance into the community of higher education providers was blocked: regionally accredited colleges and universities must offer a majority of courses from classrooms.

In other words, competition from Internet providers was intentionally blocked.

With a pandemic that is forcing closure of classrooms to avoid contamination–and physical harm–all regionally accredited institutions are now compelled to do what I did for sixteen years–offer online courses for degree credit.

I’m afraid that isn’t easily done and my prediction of “The Coming Death of American Higher Education” is here.

The regional agencies that accredit most colleges and universities must now permit their members to offer courses via the internet–not in classrooms. Federal student loans that support high tuition cost will be a thing of the past. As a consequence, at least one thousand colleges will not reopen in Fall 2020, and their high tuition will be a thing of the past.

My reaction is not sadness at the destruction of a failed system, but I am concerned that leadership taking American higher education into a new era is not present. “They”–the Education Cartel–did a very good job killing off that type of innovative leadership.


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