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Herb London meet Andrew Cuomo

March 23, 2020

I had a brush with New York State politics when I joined the faculty of the College of New Rochelle. Fortuitously located four miles or about a fifteen minute drive from the office of Arthur Finkelstein in Rye, and another forty-five minutes to Manhattan where Irving Kristol came out of the closet of Democrats, joined the Republican Party and graciously invited me to meet his young acolytes.

Finkelstein was a pollster and campaign consultant responsible for electing Al D’Amato to the U.S. Senate and George Pataki to the Governorship. And I came to know Herb London.

Herb London (1939-2018) was one of those academics who also had a career in politics. Born in Brooklyn, London graduated from NYU and became head of the Gallatin School at NYU. NYU tied London’s career to the politics of New York, something that would not have happened had he gone to the University of Chicago.

London knew everyone in New York State politics, ran for Governor and State Comptroller, broke ranks by opposing Governor Pataki, and was friendly with Governor Mario Cuomo.

All this brings me to my interest in Mario Cuomo’s son, Andrew Cuomo (also New York’s Governor) who is seen regularly on TV giving instructions to New Yorkers about how to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. At first I thought Cuomo’s performance was interesting–even humorous–but now I see its political intent.

Andrew Cuomo will challenge the senile Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination for President. If he becomes the nominee, he’ll defeat fellow New Yorker Donald Trump.

I wonder if Herb London had lived he would break Party ranks and back Andrew Cuomo.


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