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Surviving Korea–and Academe

March 26, 2020

It’s been a long downhill slide from entry of the United States into WW I, the growth of the ideology of internationalism, and many more wars, so we must accept that we live in an era of decline of culture and civilization. That may be seen in the Korean War that is much like American higher education with an indiginous radical regime of accreditation agencies that preserve an income stream for “academics,”

The decision to form a Communist government in North Korea derives from FDR, who believing he needed to keep the USSR in the war, acceded to the creation of a Communist North Korea. In turn the North invaded the South, we intervened with a professional military adjusting to reductions in force and military leadership after 1945, and got our teeth kicked.

David Halbersham’s The Coldest Winter wrote that MacArthur acted badly (despite Inchon) perhaps enjoying too much his imperial power in Japan. His mausoleum is in Norfolk, Virginia where I’ve lived since 1996 and visitors may view his 45 automatic, dining service and official car. He and his wife are buried here.

I think of those wars in the 20th century and especially the ones we lost–Korea and Vietnam

.A friend of my Uncle was a POW in Germany in WW II and my father served in the Marine Corps and saw action at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tinian and Tarawa. An Uncle served in Guadalcanal and another aboard a Navy destroyer. One of my father’s workers in or about 1953 served in Korea and told me that he was running toward an enemy position and a Korean mortar hit his buddy square on the head..

Though surrounded by WW II, Korean and later Vietnam military veterans, I was never attracted to military service and due to Barry Goldwater’s defeat in his 1964 campaign. on which I was a campaign worker, I went off to graduate school at the University of Notre Dame and didn’t serve in Vietnam.

I’m not a corporate type, anyway, and could never has survived more than the thirteen years I spent in Academe and would not have done well in the military, either.

That’s the fate of entrepreneurial personalities. You can read about it in my 2017 book that I titled The Coming Death of American Higher Education or my presentation on how Chinese painters, poets and intellectuals survived the Mongol invasion of 1644.




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