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Auditioning to Adminster the Deep State

March 31, 2020

Two days ago, a neighbor and his wife walking on our local beach was interrupted by a policeman who instructed them to walk at greater distance apart from one another.

Yesterday  at Fedex where I went to assemble letters to be sent to former investors of Yorktown University, a man came into the store (only two others were there) and stood fifteen feet down from me. I glanced over and saw that he was wearing a surgical mask and leaning into the counter.

I’m certain he was a member of the police that monitor who is out doors when the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has imposed a 70 day lock down.

The Governor of Virginia, like Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, is a Leftist and will use this pandemic to political advantage.

Governor Cuomo is using access to major media to audition for the Office of President of the United States and Governor  Northam of Virginia will use the pandemic to rig his re-election.

If voting machines and paper ballots can be used to advantage one Party over another, imagine what creative politicians will do with all mail elections.

Governor  Cuomo’s daily press briefings, conveniently covered by cable news media, demonstrates his expertise as a manager of the administrative State.

I’m not impressed.

I am fearful, however, that once in office, President Andrew Cuomo will act in a heavy-handed manner (justified by sending us checks) and only a few political and economic conservatives will revolt.

None in the Trump dominated GOP, including President Trump, has raised the alarm because they, too, are enablers of the Deep State.

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