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Much has been lost, except music

April 4, 2020

We’re facing a viral pandemic so vicious that contact between businesses and customers has been rendered impossible. Millions of goods and services on which we rely are becoming scarce or shut down.  Local dry cleaners, beauty shops, restaurants, drinking establishments and other personal service providers are closed. As we approach Easter Sunday, we have no churches to welcome us in celebration of our Risen Lord.

All seems lost as we await discovery of a vaccine that will be discovered, tested and distributed by January, not by mid-April nor late July, despite the best wishes of government leaders.

This will exacerbate forces that have been in development during the lives of most citizens of the United States living today. Finally, all will realize that this virus has killed our Constitutional order of limited government.  We had a representative Republican government and now we are entering an Imperial order.

A silent revolution has occurred with enormous consequences the equal of revolutions that devastated the ancien régime of France and the Russian imperial monarchy. Traditionalists have put up an honorable though ineffective fight against Ideologies of revolution, and failed. Here in America, conservatives didn’t have a chance of victory over the growth of the administrative state. Not Russell Kirk, not William F. Buckley. Jr. nor Ronald Reagan could save the Republic.

We have much to be thankful for, of course. We were victorious against Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and remain a free people. We are free to worship the Giver of Life, and honor His only begotten Son this Easter Sunday. And we have recordings of sacred music to remind us that heaven is not found in this world.


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