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Bad Times are a’coming

April 23, 2020

In 1972, President Richard Nixon played “the China card” by visiting the People’s Republic of China. This “Great Power” play sought to divide Communist China from the Communist regime in the now defunct “Soviet Union.”

Diplomatic recognition of the People’s Republic of China was granted by President Jimmy Carter on December 15, 1978. Forty-two years later, a Pandemic spread throughout China and the world that threatens another “Great Depression.”

America’s unemployment soared to 20%–five percent less than unemployment during the Great Depression–and only the hope for a vaccine gives promise of relief.

One of the lessons we should learn from this Pandemic is that China’s Communist regime is not a partner on whom we should rely for goods and  services. Until the PRC suffers the fate of its totalitarian comrades in the USSR, we should seek muvh less reliance on trade with the PRC.

Will American political leaders actually learn from this?

Our political parties are no longer seen as vehicles for self-advancement by ambitious men and women and have become unstable. Election of an unqualified and unschooled “Playboy” as President in 2016, and a contest between him and a senile former Vice President in 2020, suggest that nothing new will invigorate our political classes.

Only the weakness of our enemies, the sclerotic PRC and an ailing “Great Leader” of the Communist regime in North Korea stand between the United States and world hegemony. This occurs at a time when educated Americans know nothing about their country’s history and their responsibilities as citizens of a representative Republic.


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