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Trump’s “Friend”

April 30, 2020

A society is disordered when persons occupy responsible positions above their qualifications.  Ray Washburne, an advisor to President Trump, served as the head of the Overseas Private Investment Corp and currently serves on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Throw a dart at Trump Administration appointees and you’ll hit equally well positioned but unqualified appointees.

There’s nothing bad to say about Ray Washburne who married into the H. L. Hunt family in Dallas, graduated from SMU and raised millions of donations to the Trump campaign while head of a company that owns 40-plus restaurants.

Washburne could serve well as Secretary of Commerce or as an Ambassador to Sweden or Poland.

But, OPIC and a board advising the President on foreign intelligence?

Washburne’s appointments represent the disorder of persons and policies that define the Trump Administration as a pale facsimile of the Reagan Administration and the last gasp of a Republican Party soon to  be supplanted by a multitude of political Partys.

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