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Restructuring 21st Century Life

May 18, 2020

How quickly we can restructure our daily lives will determine if economic damage from a Covid-19 Pandemic can be limited to a recession or expands into another Great Depression.  Already much destruction to our Constitutional system of limited government has occurred.

But, life will go on, modified by our weakness to viral infection.

We already see signs of that in such companies as Grub Hub and Uber Eats. Dining in restaurants and other communal activities that enlivened our culture will slowly disappear.  Meeting our friends at the local bar will subject us to risks that aren’t worth the enjoyment of an alcoholic drink. What restaurants are able to remain open will offer delivery or curbside pickup of orders.

Motion picture cinemas will be shuttered, but “streaming media” on Netflix, Acorn, HBO and many other venues will provide access to theatrical performances and “movies” that once we enjoyed in the company of friends and strangers. We’ll become affiionados of old films.

Religious services will be televised or accessed in a revival of drive-in theaters. Choirs will practice and perform on Voom, Netscape or Web-assisted conference calls. Conferences will be held online as will most political events.

Radio will become a greater part of daily life.

Universities and colleges will offer complete degree programs via the Internet and access to libraries of digitized materials will replace traditional libraries.

Much commerce will occur online serviced by an expanded universe of drivers and delivery services. Gone will be Department Stores and check out counters will be replaced with credit card checkout.

Where before employees provided in person support., thousands more will be hired to respond to telephone calls answered by employees working from home.

Sporting events like basketball, soccer and football will disappear and be replaced by spectator-less events requiring limited contact like baseball or other events such as NASCAR or new ones that can be created.

Somehow, we’ll manage, though older citizens must wait for a vaccine and hope that it can be discovered while they’re still alive or wish to die sooner.


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