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How Trump & Friends Hurt the GOP

May 22, 2020

News reports that President Trump exploded in anger at his “pollster,” Brad Parscale, are only half true. Trump directed his anger at Parscale blaming him for Trump’s polling numbers that were in free-fall.  But Parscale is not a pollster or survey researcher, he is a web design specialist and master of digital advertising.

In other words, Trump hired someone for the wrong reasons, in this case because Trump’s son-in-law, Jared recommended Parscale.

Had either Jared Kushner or Trump had any political experience before 2015, not to mention Republican or conservative experience, they would have reached out to dozens of pollsters trained by the late, Arthur Finkelstein. Finkelstein’s record of successful candidates, ranging from James Buckley to Jesse Helms and John East to Strom Thurmond, was unmatched.

Finkelstein’s genius extended to those he hired to work for him and learn the business. They included  Kieran Mahoney, Tony FabrizioJohn and Jim McLaughlin, Rob Cole, and Jon Lerner.

Parscale fits the model of Trump hires, tall (6’8″), wealthy, gifted in one thing, and not a political conservative. This spells disaster for Trump in 2020, but, more important, the death of the Republican Party.

Since the Great Depression, the Democrat Party has been known for its appreciation of the power of the national government to “do good” as long as the power of the American “state” is in the hands of Democrats.

This year that power is in the hands of a nominal Republican, so the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have rediscovered the principle of Congressional Supremacy.  And leaders of the Impeachment of President Trump quoted words of wisdom of George Washington, George Mason and James Madison. Even Alexander Hamilton was cited. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has identified Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin as a bad guy.

All that is to the good, but as we know from persons addicted to alcohol, it takes more than thinking about addiction to recover from it. Our Democrat Party is a party of the Left and carries in its hips all the falsehoods and mistaken views of utopian idealists. That suggests that “after Trump” we’ll see “business as usual,” not real reforms, nor reorientation of American foreign policy toward the national interest and a long painful slide of the Republican Party into oblivion.



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