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Biden will win, but

May 27, 2020

Last year, I gave a presentation to a meeting of the Tidewater Libertarian Party in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Though just a local group of activists including some Republicans, stalwart Libertarians and at least one “Bircher,” the organization’s leader places these presentations online for comtemporary access by interested Republicans in Virginia. That day, I was told, a former Governor of Virginia and other Party Leaders were viewing what I had to say.

My topic: “The Meaning of Trump’s Election.”

I touched on what I called the “Pros and cons” (good, bad and ugly) aspects of Trump’s Administration, Trump’s likely Democrat opponent in 2020 and what I believe we should expect “After 2020.”

I predicted that Biden would win and choose Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate largely because of the 2018 election results that gave control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Nancy Pelosi. I concluded that, after two years of Trump’s antics, he had disappointed female Republican voters in suburbs of major cities, and that would be the end of Trump’s “hostile takeover” of the Republican Party.

A year later, I would qualify that prediction with a big “But.”

The reason: Biden is senile and clearly not up to the responsibilities of office, if he were elected.

But, Trump presents other concerns. He had no previous political experience and is driven by personal egotistic. and other spiritual disorders, that he has transferred to the body politic. “The fish putrefies from the top,” and like a dead fish, the stench of this President is offensive.

Afflicted by dyslexia, and finding reading difficult, Trump was kicked out of undergraduate school at Fordham and landed at Wharton where he barely passed because he could “read” numbers.

What Trump Administration policies there are may be traced to what he learned as a young cadet at New York Military Academy which, a former student told me, was dominated by bullies from Queens, New York.

There he learned respect for career military and, if you watch videos of Trump’s appearance at Arlington Cemetery this past Memorial Day, you’ll notice that he is the only civilian official giving a military salute. As President, he is Commander and Chief, and he takes that very seriously. Though at best he avoided service in Vietnam, at worst Trump was a draft dodger who became General of the U.S. Military.

The number of General and Flag Officers Trump has appointed to important adminiatrative positions is ominous, as is his desire to hold a military parade in Washington equal to France’s celebration of Bastille Day.  To top this off, when Trump announced his “Warp Speed” plan to develop a vaccine to counter Covid-19, Trump chose “General Gustave Perna, currently in charge of the Army’s readiness as head of the Army Materiel Command, will be the chief operating officer.”

I’m sorry, that focus worries me, but

And that’s when a year makes a difference. If Biden’s senility becomes obvious, Trump will win and that brings me to a subject of great importance that I will explore tomorrow. What happens, after Trump.



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