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Mail Ballots: Trump is Right

May 27, 2020

Mail ballots, despite the commentary of our “white glove” media elites, will lead to massive vote fraud.

Historically, political majorities stay in power by stealing votes.

The Richard Daley “machine” in Chicago stayed in power by rigging elections and today Democrat “pols” in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia do that for a living,

Rigging voting machines, intimidation of poll watchers, and paying voters with “walking around” money are art forms perfected by politicians of both Parties. Don’t believe it? Ask Ed Rollins.

I know.  I worked the polls while in college and saw bags of money paid to dissident labor leaders, giving of cash to derelicts (and swigs of whiskey) and more. Democrats and Republicans do it. Richard Mellon Scaife once delivered a suitcase with $40,000 in cash to GOP county headquarters.

In my hometown of Pittsburgh, Democrats have been in control of city of Pittsburgh government longer than Finland was subservient to the Soviet Union. No population of voters is that stupid; they’re paid to be stupid.

Those commentators pooh-poohing Trump for alleging that vote fraud will become greater if mail ballots are authorized should take off those “white gloves” and spend some time walking the precincts of Philadelphia where Mayor Jim Kenny won by 80% last year.

Eighty percent? In America?  Yes, if you rig elections.

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