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After Trump Comes Civil War

May 28, 2020

Unlike the successors of Woodrow Wilson, Presidents Harding and Coolidge, who placed the economy on a firm footing of tax reduction and limits on government spending, the successors of the New Deal continued the growth of the administrative state.  And they pursued the values of International law and organizations, to the detriment of the American national interest

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Bush 41 and Bush 43 were “Internationalists” with few difference between them and Democrat Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Obama.

At the end of the Bush 43 administration, the limited government “brand” of the Republican Party had been asphyxiated by deficit spending and foreign wars. All the Republicans seeking the Party’s nomination for President in 2016–excepting Rand Paul and Donald Trump—were drinking the “W” “Kool Aid.”

In the case of Rand Paul, his limited government philosophy was founded on Lockean Enlightenment principles, not on philosophic truth discovered by Aristotle.

Inexplicable, however are the origins of Donald Trump’s ideas.

We struggle to find their origins, what we find are ideas that they were fashioned from 1959 to 1964  when Trump  was a 17 year old cadet at New York Military academy–and by Trump’s dyslexia.

Because reading is difficult for Donald Trump, many of his ideas are throwbacks to nearly sixty years ago–the world of the mid-1960s–and from later ideas from which he was immunized because he has difficulty reading.  Thus the effects of drinking the “Internationalist” and Neo-Neoconservative “Kool Aid” offered at influential “Think Tanks,” like AEI, and which Presidents  Bush 41 and Bush 43 drank, were missed by Donald Trump.

His anti-immigration policies can be traced to a Conservative MP, Enoch Powell and to his Military Academy instructors who introduced the young cadet to Friedrich Nietzsche and the importance of ‘Will to Power.’

Trump’s nationalism was influenced by Stephen Bannon who counters “Globalism” with traditional views of nation-states.

Trump’s Protectionism and the application Tariffs on trade may be traced to Peter Novarro, an emeritus professor of Business at University of California–Irvine, and expert on trade with China which was the subject of his 2006 book, The Coming China Wars.   

What is missing in his philosophy of government is an appreciation of the limits that the Constitution of the United States placed on the Executive Branch. Missing in his personal life are the basic teachings of Christianity, and lacking in his governance of his Office is any understanding of why the long history of the United States affirms civilian control of the American government.

When President Trump uses the military salute at Arlington, appoints Generals and Admirals to top civilian posts and expresses unlimited confidence in the powers of “the State,” we realize that President Trump will leave the Republican Party of limited government so battered and defensive that it will die from lack of new leaders, and a United States of America dominated by the Administrative State to such an extent that revolution and civil war are real possibilities.


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