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Obama’s Game of Chess

June 4, 2020

Yesterday’s breaking of silence about Donald Trump by former President Barack Obama exposed the game of Chess he has been playing from the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Not everyone plays chess.

Napoleon Bonaparte, when asked if he played chess, replied, “No, I can only do one thing well.”

On a chessboard the weakest piece is called a “Pawn” and the strongest is the “King.” In Obama’s game of Chess, Joe Biden is the “Pawn” and Obama is the “King,”

Having taught socialist activists how to engage in “community action” at the Mid-West Academy in Chicago, Obama knows how Lenin’s method of maintaining large non-Party organizations with mass membership can lead to revolution.

That is the goal of Obama’s game of chess and, yesterday, he  introduced s “Rook,” former Marine Corp.  General, James Mattis.

Obama’s chess game now begins and is moving toward acceptance of a career General officer to “manage” the State as President Trump is disposed of.

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