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Needed-A National Conservative Party

June 24, 2020

A realignment of the American two-Party system is underway and now is the time for political, social and economic conservatives to create a national Conservative Party to compete in a new political world of multiple Parties and coalition governments. Though contributing to instability, such a system will stabilize very quickly.


Because of the common sense of the American people and the durable character of our laws, the Constitution of the United States and the fundamental freedoms that define the American way of life.

So, I think we’ll make it safely through the next fifty years.

That came home to me about 25 years ago when I went to a “Superman” movie in the Mall of  America in Minneapolis. When Superman, Clark Kent, affirms his belief in “truth, justice and the American way,” the audience vociferously clapped their approval!

Our political parties, and particularly the Republican Party, have been weakened by a decision by our best and brightest Americans who have decided not to seek political careers. Many would like to serve their country, but they don’t want to subject themselves to attacks by our reporting class of “Journalists” who are driven to destroy anyone who asserts that he believes, like Clark Kent, in “truth, justice and the American way.”

Yet, I venture to say that most Americans share that belief and are seeking one or maybe two leaders who affirm what they believe. We need key conservative leaders to form a National Conservative Party that attracts new leaders into politics.


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