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Jeff Zucker & Media Bias at CNN

July 4, 2020

Jeff Zucker, president of CNN and CEO of sports and news at WarnerMedia, appeared in an interview, conducted by CNN’s,  Brian Zelter. Zucker’s interview reveals why American “journalism” is in the pocket of the Progressive “movement.”

A Harvard graduate, with a BA in American history, Zucker probably came by his “Progressive” views at Harvard, which may explain, if you listen to Zucker’s interview, you’ll appreciate that he doesn’t understand how “off-key” is Zucker’s “Progressive” ideology.

On October 6, 2019, the American Spectator published a report by Jeffrey Lord.

That report reveals bias against, and deep hatred of President Donald Trump, by CNN’s head of programming. Though Zucker has destroyed objective journalism at CNN since he first joined the company in 2013, after WarnerMedia was purchased by telephone giant, AT&T, instead of replacing Zucker with an objective CNN journalist like John King, he was promoted to head news and sport reporting!

Apparently, the managers of this telephone company believe that Zucker is indispensable.

Media bias has a long history going back to the late days of the 19th century when an internationalist ideology was fashioned to express a belief in the perfectibility of man and society seen as progressing to a “New World Order” of international law and organizations.

My 2014 essay in Modern Age explains what a “New World Order” means.

The League of Nations represented a desire, expressed by President Woodrow Wilson to destroy what he called “balance of power politics.” That balance between nation-states was destroyed in what the French call “the Great War,” and gave us more than fifty years of world war a Communist dominated Russia, all the “Captive Nations” clustered behind “The Iron Curtain,” the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Today, representatives of this ideology are alive and well and dominate one other biased news presence, MSNBC, that held an event celebrating Global Citizenship in Central Park in New York City on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

These “Internationalists,” following Woodrow Wilson, placed global citizenship and international organizations above the national interests of  America. And this cultural and intellectual “rot” goes very deep, so deep that it is possible that, in a few years, a younger generation of Americans, due to the influence of “Progressive” educators, will radically change everything  we value in the United States of America.





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