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The Political Religion of Anti-Racism

July 10, 2020

The “Economist” for July 9 takes America’s universities to task for rejecting “the liberal notion of progress. It defines everyone by their race, and every action as racist or anti-racist. It is not yet dominant, but it is dynamic and it is spreading out of the academy into newsrooms and boardrooms. If it supplants liberal values, then intimidation will chill open debate and sow division to the disadvantage of all, black and white.”

England, or what was once called “Great Britain,” has racial issues itself going back to the late 1960s when Conservative MP, Enoch Powell, declaimed against increasing numbers of immigrants from Britain’s former colonies.

And today the “Brexit” movement away from the European Union reflects new concerns about England’s racial identity. Forty percent of London’s population traces its origins, not to Normandy, but to Sub-Saharan Africa or India, once England’s colony.

Conservative Talk Radio and some commentators at Fox News suggest that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is Communist inspired. Whatever its inspiration, that furious anti-racist spirit has given modern secular culture a political religion that it believes.



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