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Adjusting to a Pandemic

July 12, 2020

Western society is undergoing a massive transformation last seen during the Spanish flu Pandemic that cut a swathe of death in 1918 across all classes. Worldwide—an estimated 20 million died–including some 675,000 Americans.

Covid-19 is equivalent and we are just beginning to understand and adjust to the consequences.

The Washington Post featured an assessment by James Kwak on July 9 and I take a stab at it in my blog for May 18.

The effects of this Pandemic will be revolutionary and we need to understand how desperate life may become.

This is not just about bars and restaurants that will not reopen. We must anticipate how to educate the young other than in classrooms, ascertain where goods and services we rely upon can be sourced, and how we can house, feed and employ millions of our fellow citizens for at least half a decade.




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