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President Trump has “coattails”

July 15, 2020

Apparently, President Trump has two coattails.

Former Auburn University football coach, Tommy Tuberville won Tuesday’s GOP Primary race, beating Jeff Sessions, and former White House Physician, Rear Admiral, Ronnie Jackson, won a primary race for Congress from the Texas Panhandle where Amarillo is the largest city.

Perhaps Dr. Jackson can redirect the President’s policy on Coronavirus. But there are reasons in July, at least, to believe that the President’s re-election chances will become a Covid-19 casualty.

From the perspective of some political and economic conservatives, that is a great loss.

To be sure, the President’s positions on School Choice, Right to Life, tax and regulatory reform and nominations for the U.S. Supreme Court command respect.

But, Frankly, I am surprised.

I could not discern what policies the Trump Administration would advocate given his absence from politics until 2015, multiple marriages, affairs, and failed ventures.

I was disturbed that the President clearly believed he could run the U.S. government as if it were a business. The government of the United States is not a business; it is an “administrative state” that reflects the interests of the civil servants in government agencies who head them. “They” will not comply with policies of elected officials, nor their appointees.

President Trump’s personnel policy is non-existent and most appointments were uninformed on a good day and terrible most other days.

Even his personal “advance staff” is weak, evident in that incident at West Point where the ramp he used to exit the event had no handrails.  A good “advance” would have spotted that and saved the President from a potential fall.

Then there’s Ivanka who is coming into criticism for a new campaign recommending that Americans out of work should become entrepreneurs and start “something new.”

I am an entrepreneur and understand where she is coming from, but that campaign is so out of touch with the lives of ordinary workers that Ivanka deserves to be criticized.

The problem with this President is that he was unprepared for high office.

Give him credit for some conservative policies, but “zero” for execution. That is a personal tragedy for Donald J. Trump and a grave danger to the United States, if Democrats gain control of the U.S. Senate.

Like the Congress elected after the Watergate scandal, every Left-wing poseur in the Progressive movement will take control of American government in January 2021.


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