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Stoned by Justice-Roger Stone’s Story

July 17, 2020

Conservative print journals are diminishing in numbers and Conservative book publishers no longer publish non-commercial books. Gone are The Intercollegiate Review and Continuity that were partner publications with Modern Age. American Spectator no longer publishes a print edition and National Review is unrecognizable.

The venerable Henry Regnery’s publishing house that was where you went if you wrote for the ages, now publishes very commercial books that are lucky if they outlast a year of public interest. Neil McCaffery’s Arlington House was sold and diminished to extinction. And who remembers Devin-Adair?

If you are an elderly political conservative, you remember that sixty-five years ago the names Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Frederich Hayek spelled rejection of the New Deal and the agencies of the administrative “State” to whom we became subjects during our Great Depression.

By the time I was twenty, I had met all three of these intellectual giants and, due to their influence, headed off to classes with another three, Eric Voegelin, Gerhart Niemeyer and Stanley Parry.

Only Divine Providence can explain their presence in the life of one person!

Which brings me to the point of this reminiscence.

Though I’ve published 14 essays in Modern Age and dare not submit another, the last of four of my essays in the American Spectator taxed my welcome, and other journals where I have published my opinions are now long gone.

Where can I publish views that were shaped by American political conservatives?

And what will I write?

Then it hit me!

Roger Stone once posted his approval in Chronicles of an essay I published on the then-upcoming 2016 Presidential election and Stone is in the news. Also, a new editor of Chronicles, the irascible Paul Gottfried, also experienced rejection by his colleagues, namely the “Neocons.”

So, off I sent an idea to Dr. Gottfried which led executive editor of Chronicles, Edward Welsch, to approve publication of a commentary titled “Roger Stone’s Case Shows the Left’s Control of U.S. Courts.”

I hope Bill Buckley will approve!


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