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Wise up, America!

July 18, 2020

Historically, Americans have been “doers” of deeds and not “thinkers” of ideas.

Historically, we Americans have sought practical, not intellectually “correct,” solutions.

That was the case until the turn of the last century.  Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were driven by ideas–Wilson more so than “TR”–but they both paved the way for leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and a steady stream of “Internationalists” of both parties.

Each, in their own way, contributed to a tightening of an anti-Christian intellectual grip on American political leaders, culminating in the election of a trained Marxist, Barack Obama,  who is now engaged in destabilizing American society with tools he learned from reading Lenin as a young college student at Occidental College.

That is the ideology that has so captivated our intellectual classes and Democrat Party leaders. Most Americans, other than former President Obama, Rep. Ocacio-Cortez (R-NY). Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Mayor Bill De Blasio (D-NY), have not studied Lenin or even Karl Marx. They come by their ideology in college, where critical theory of what is called the “Frankfort School” was, and still is, influential.

As a graduate student, I studied Marx, Engels, Lenin and the musings of Stalin and Mao and know a Marxist idea when I hear or see it. Despite the richness of Classical Greek philosophy and the Christian theological inquiries that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire so long ago, the culture of the West is now denigrated by socially accepted ideas of German socialist and Marxist ideologues who came into prominence in the 1900s.

How do we start to explain this?

Or must we wait for destruction of American society, civil war and military dictators, before we learn these painful lessons?

Historically, Americans are “doers” of deeds and not “thinkers” of ideas.

Now is the time for America to “wise up”!


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