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Our Attorney Problem, Pt. 5

July 28, 2020

Today’s hearings of the House Judiciary Committee were disgraceful with House Democrats peppering Attorney General William Bar with questions demanding Yes or No answers.

We should not have been surprised!

CNN and MSNBC have led the charge giving Democrat Members of the Committee all the zingers they needed to rankle the composure of Attorney General Barr and Ranking Member, Jim Jordan.

Jordan gave a vigorous defense, but was blocked by Committee Chairman, Gerrold Nadler, from bringing civility to the Hearing. If this seemed bad, wait until the Democrats retake the United States Senate in the 2020 election.

But, we should not expect a Committee composed of attorneys to turn attention to the real problem.  Our New Class of “Attorneys” is out of control.

I have commented on that at least four times since November 2019:

That attorneys are a problem was first noticed by William Shakespeare.

More recently, their ugly faces were exposed as aggressive prosecutors sought, and judges dispensed, jail time for parents caught up in the “Varsity Blues” scandals.

Representative of our Attorney Problem is Joyce Vance,  professor of law at the University of Alabama’s law school.  Contracted as a paid commentator by MSNBC, Ms. Vance can be seen frequently giving “Progressive” views on issues concerning the administration of justice.

Appointed a United States Attorney by President Barack Obama, Vance immediately placed civil rights enforcement front and center as a duty of her office.

That form of self-righteousness motivates our Attorney Problem as much as the Progressive ideology that treats the Constitution of the United States as a living document, not a document that places fixed limits on the national government.

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