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The President Attacks Higher ED

August 1, 2020

President Trump’s limited administrative ability was displayed in a report in NewsMax on July 23.

An alert Tauren Dyson reports that the President Tweeted thirteen days earlier that Leftist domination of American colleges calls into question the legitimacy of their tax exempt status.

Most American colleges are incorporated as non-profit colleges and are granted tax exemption as 501(c)(3) organizations by the Internal Revenue Service. If they desire to engage in political advocacy, they must make a (c)(4) registration and donations to the (c)(4) are not tax exempt.

When I was President of a for-profit university, I published in the Yorktown Patriot a blistering, unsigned, attack on U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, (D-IL), for leading President Obama’s attacks on for-profit education. A staff member for the Senator called to ask who the author of that attack was.

If my university were a tax exempt non-profit, Sen. Durbin could have sought removal of that tax exemption.

So, President Trump is not the first politician to seek retaliation by revoking a tax exemption.

But our President Trunp believes that he can run the U.S. government as if it were a business.

The government of the United States is not a business; it is an administrative state that reflects the interests of the civil servants in government agencies who head them. “They” will not comply with policies of elected officials unless the President “knocks heads.”

In order to do that, the President must have a personnel policy that selects qualified executives.  President Trump’s personnel policy is non-existent and most appointments he has made are uninformed on a good day and terrible most other days.

That explains why his Education Department is engaged in protecting the Education Establishment.

The President controls the U.S. Department of Education through his appointees. If he had any prior government experience, he would know that he can direct that Department to move against the politicization of higher education by asking Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, her Deputy, former General Mitchell Zais or his Deputy, Diane Auer Jones, to rescind recognition of accreditation agencies that do not maintain a “Standard” of non-partisan activity.

Why hasn’t his White House staff recommended that in addition to requesting Treasury action, the President should call for the Education Department to act in tandem with Treasury?

More important is the question why his appointees, DeVos, Zais and Auer Jones. are complicit in protecting the higher education Cartel?

Another opportunity to reform higher education has been lost.





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