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After Biden?

August 7, 2020

After Biden?

Crippled by a Pandemic and an economy careening into depression, all eyes are on Congressional negotiations. Virtually unnoticed are lines of families waiting for food, millions unable to make rent and vast dislocations in the familiar ways Americans make do in a service economy.

Public schools organized to function under familiar conditions attempt to grapple with unknown consequences of a virus that infects even the young.

Revenue from taxation that supports functioning of the fifty States is drying up and economic activity is slowing.

If Donald Trump’s luck holds out, Joe Biden will win election but then face historic economic decline seen only twice in more than a hundred years.

After America’s entry into World War I ate up 65,000 combatants, the flu epidemic followed and the Great Depression changed how government was organized and tempered the optimism of Americans.

The coalition moving Biden to victory has no reality-based skills and is likely to drive Americans to look for relief in extra-Constitutional ways that Biden and his Vice President will not surmount.

The question now is “after Biden, what?”




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